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    Showcase: Faar (CLOSED)

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    Showcase: Faar (CLOSED)

    Post by Kiakimi on Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:04 pm

    Well, this is my first scenario (you better believe it Exclamation) and its name is Faar. This isn't a very fancy showcase, if not a showcase at all, it just has a few pictures and such.

    "Kyuji approached the magnificent city. He marveled at its glorious architecture. Even the walls were lined with a variety of shining gems from sapphire to onyx. This was not how the cities had looked like from the Japanese tribes he was raised in. His father, General Okojima, had fought in a malicious war against the Japanese tribes and the Norse. They had lost and their villages had been burned to the ground. For seventeen years, Kyuji had to live in small tents. Luxury to him was sitting on a bush. Suddenly, the dazzling gates opened, and a powerful-looking man emerged on a white horse. When he approached Kyuji, Kyuji was frightened. The man stared at him for a moment then motioned his hand towards the amazing city. 'Come,' he commanded..."

    Mapping & Eyecandy: 80%
    I was around 95% done, but I accidentally forgot to save one time and... Embarassed yeah, you get the point.
    Triggers: 0%
    I haven't started the triggering yet, but I'm very new to triggers... I'm going to have to search some tutorials up.

    Please, be polite to the scenario, it's my first. I haven't completed it yet, but the screenshots will be here soon. Helps and tips would be appreciated.

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