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    Creation of a new world needs some help.


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    Creation of a new world needs some help.

    Post by Ablast3 on Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:16 pm

    Hello I am new here and have been recently working on a project called The Land of Croix Gorda. It is a Eye Candy rich game.

    This land is made up of two realms, something like the Ying-Yang symbol.

    One realm is called Croix. Croix is a nature realm blooming with wildlife and some hostile creatures to. The God Croix of this realm is in dire need of some help to protect this and end the trouble of Gorda.

    The other realm Gorda is a destructive realm. It is almost like Hades above ground. The armies of Gorda keep raiding Croix.

    In another world called Earth there are 4 hunters who get driven from their home and into a mysterious sky passage. Once into the sky passage the hunters are placed inside of an overgrown palace looking out into the sea. There the story begins in Croix.

    What i want to happen is that the hunters to discover the many towns of Croix and help them protect them until Croix summons the hunters to his mountain top to tell them the mission.

    What i am asking is for some help on this. I have had Age of Mythology TT for over a couple of years, and i have never learned to do a cinematic(Im taking some tutorials right as i write this). I also would like some ideas that could be added into the story. Currently the boss battle that I'm thinking of is with the god Gorda(Osiris).

    Also another idea i came up with is that once you kill Gorda you have a choice to turn around and destroy Croix or just win the game. After you destroy Croix you either decide to attack Earth of just rule over Croix Gorda.

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