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    Scenario announcement THE TALES OF WILANDIA


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    Scenario announcement THE TALES OF WILANDIA

    Post by sharkal on Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:02 am

    Hello everybody!
    I've post a link about my upcomming scenario name "the tales of wilandia"
    this is a heroic fantasy campaign in 9 chapters:,27943,0,10
    you can have more information and screenshot here.

    so i need help to create some mods because it bring me a lot of time.
    If there is somebody here wo want to join me as modder he (she) is welcome!

    I also need someone to help me in cinematics and in translations because the campaign is in french, i try to translate this in english but my english is bad and i makes a lots of grammar mistakes!
    i wait after you!

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